Redwire Magazine History

RW mag was created by sisters Nena and Billie Pierre with the support of the Environmental Youth Alliance and the Native Youth Movement. The magazine documented a talking circle between Native youth artists, writers, activists and readers across Turtle Island discussing the issues important to our communities.

Although we have recently lost the funding to publish the magazine, we are working towards hosting all of our archived issues on this website. We cannot offer subscriptions but you can still get your hands on a few copies of older issues. Click the Downloadable Archives tab above for more info.

RW mag has created a space to critically examine the band council system, the treaty process, the effects of residential school, targeted army recruitment in our communities and corrupt economic greed. It has combated the corporate media’s portrayal of activists and Native people who fight for their rights. It has given voice to families who have lost loved ones to police violence. Through the magazine, we have promoted a generation of proud young Native artists, writers, musicians and performers to an international stage.

Redwire thanks you from the deepest parts of our core; we raise our hands to you and your people for being a part of the last 11 years of Redwire Magazine. We strongly believe that is not the end but the beginning of a new era of independent media for not just our youth…but also a meeting place for ALL our Indigenous people around the globe.