Redwire Music

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Our Voices are Our Weapon and Our Bullets are the Truth Discs 1 & 2

Disc 1
01. My Country T'is Of Thy People You're Dying by Buffy Sainte Marie
02. I Am Not Your Princess by Chrystos
03. Thieves by Richard Ashley Joseph
04. My Blood Is Red by Aztlan Underground
05. Yellowbird Eulogy by Larry Nicholson
06. Roundance song by Marc Longjohn
07. Feeling Reserved by War Party
08. Indigenous Love by Vera Wabegejig
09. Volcano Woman by Skeena Reece
10. Kill Them by Manic, Os12, and Chile
11. The Uranium Leaking from Port Radium and Ray Rock Mines is Killing Us by Richard Vancamp
12. Namgis/Mowachaht Am'lala by Namgis Singers
13. Justice by Vera Manuel
14. Too Sick by Eekwol
15. Why? by Nikki Maier
16. Red X by Kinnie Starr
17. Baby Eagle Feathers by Sandra A Olsen
18. All My Relations by Sandy Scofield

Disc 2
01. Truth Bullets by Os12
02. Rock da Boat by Kinnie Starr
03. All Nationz by Hell'N'Back beat Rezofficial
04. Apprento by Eekwol beat Mils
05. Top of the Stairs by Iffer and Eliza
06. Relate to This by Curtis Clearsky beat Sichuan
07. This Time in Life by Crystal Schooner
08. Back in Action by Carrie Lynn Victor
09. Horror Stories by Manik beat Sichuan
10. Get Up by Amanda Nahanee beat Sichuan
11. And You by Lase118
12. I'm Proud by JB The First Lady
13. Romantic Illusion by Tactile the Rhymechild
14. Look into my Eyes by Red Power Squad
15. Mother's Blood by MonsterRedLight beat Sichuan
16. Ogeejutta by MSR
17. Ontario by Slangblossom
18. Sparkle in my Eye by Big Dro beat Rezofficial
19. Poem by Aztlan Underground
20. Driving by Burnt Project 1
21. Truth Reprise by Os12