Your Talent Tree by Brandon Edwards


“Your Talent Tree”

I have a Belief, Metaphor?
that every talent, skill or capability
is a tree, we all start out with enough seeds to get somewhere
somewhere successful, somewhere with meaning

your little happy place
it just takes time, like a tree
you need to feed it, look after it
sometimes you don’t need to do anything for it, it just grows
I also believe
every single leaf on it, is an opportunity
an opportunity that could lead you to Joy and Happiness
another option with a seed
not all of them get planted, some wither and die
crumble and rot into the ground
its not put to waste, the tree’s soil absorbs it
then the tree takes it in, regrows alternative options
Your Talent Tree will always be there.

By Brandon (Kam-Run) Edwards
Lil-Wat Nation, Kwakwaka’wakw Nation

(graphic - Karlene Harvey, Chilcotin)

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