‘Wishes’ by Cody Patrick Robinson



A shooting star zips by,
I make a wish and wonder why,
The stars hold so much beauty,
Yet they do not catch my eye,
Your beauty like a ruby,
It captivates me so,

A meteor shower pending,
Yet it does not hold the show,
The signals your eyes are sending,
When you stare into mine,
I cannot help but smile,
You make my heart shine,
With you there’s no denial,
When you hold me tightly,
And slip into my thoughts,
I do not take you lightly,
Forever I am caught,
Surrounded by your love.
A shooting star zips by,
I make a wish and with no lie,
It’s come true…
I wished for you.

Cody Patrick Robinson
Haisla Nation

(graphic by Karlene Harvey, Chilcotin Nation)

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