Who is Trevor Mack?

The young man who brought us “My Gramma is Oblivious” is also a talented photographer and computer based artist. He’s got his own youtube channel and he’s on his way to being internet famous!

Trevor Mack is from the Tl’etinqox community of the Tsilhqot’in Nation and is a recent graduate of Columneetza Secondary School in Williams Lake, British Columbia. For the past 5 years he has worked on video-game based videos which have received over 3 million views worldwide and he is shifting into creating, writing, and directing real-world videos. Trevor also takes photos of his surrounding area which have gathered in several awards and has even landed him a spot on the Canadian National Geographic website. He works as a freelance video editor and photographer and is attending The Art Institute of Vancouver in the fall of 2011. He later plans on moving to Los Angeles to pursue his directing/editing career.

“My Gramma is Oblivious”

“After playing cards with my grandmother for the 50th time, I remembered that she was pretty oblivious towards everything around her. And on that day I was being very hyper so I just decided to record everything and show it to my family. The rest was history.”

Here’s a small collection of Trevor’s photos
http://www.redwiremagazine.com/images/uploads/Thrice_by_TeeEmTwentyTwo.jpg” style=“border: 0;” alt=“image” width=“370” height=“700” />

“The Great Show”

“Abandoned Beauty”

“FEL Drive” Experimenting with night photography

“Dragonfly” First shot with new macro lens

“Calamity V2”

“Decapitated” A pile of cut-down logs at local mill

Check out more of Trevor’s photos and artwork…

Trevor Mack Youtube channel


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