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Introducing the man with a plan who will managing this website. We are starting up again after a long hibernation and are gearing up to host a variety of community video, radio and art based projects. Interested in posting your work? This is the person to talk to.

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“Tansi, my name’s Julian Maree and I was born on January 4, 1984 in the southern interior of British Columbia. I come from mixed ancestry, my father being a combination of Dunne-za, Cree, and Irish and my mother being of eastern European descent. As a child I was constantly moving back a forth between my mother’s place in the Okanagan and my father’s place on our reserve in northeastern British Columbia. I tried to find a balance between these two very different lifestyles. Life was harder up north but I identified with the culture and strong family ties of my reserve. I immersed myself in learning about our traditional land use, spirituality, and oral history of my people. This inspired me to get involved in the struggle against clear-cut logging and oil and gas developments in our traditional territories.

When I was fifteen, I started collecting vinyl and learning how to DJ. New forms of electronic music emerging at the time, particularly drum and bass, inspired me. By the time I was sixteen I was playing regularly at music festivals, various events, and in nightclubs. Music became the primary focus of my life. In my early twenties I lacked focus and felt unsure of what I wanted to do so I moved to Montreal and enrolled in an audio engineering program there. Upon completing my diploma I worked as a sound technician at Concordia University and at a record store. All the young people in Montreal pursuing careers as musicians and artists inspired me. I returned to BC feeling accomplished and ready to follow my dreams.
In the Internet era I feel that Blogs, websites, video, and social networking sites empower artists to succeed independently. Music is still my main focus but I’m always diversifying my skills. I’m proud to say I’m the new coordinator for this website. Through my job at Redwire I hope to inspire other youth to follow their dreams and encourage them by supporting their work though this website. I’m very excited to dedicate myself to something I believe in and offer all that I can.”

“The Runner” episode 1
Redwire’s new online radio show. Look out for upcoming episodes!
This episode introduces Julian Maree: his work, his inspiration and a little look at the history of his homeland

Julian Maree DJ mix…

  Fall Mix by Big Jules

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