Who is Camille Manybeads?

Camille Manybeads is an amazing young film maker from the Navajo Nation. She made the award winning film “In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman” when she was 13 years old. Camille’s hard work and dedication is truly inspirational!

Hi my name is Camille Manybeads, I am a young native film maker. I started working with film at 9 years old, and at 13 made a film called “In The Footsteps of Yellow Woman”. It has now been in over 30 film festivals and won 9 awards. It got me into a fantastic film school and I am now hoping to be able to learn enough that I can teach other how to make their own media.

Many Blessings

“In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman” trailer

“In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman” © 2009 is a 26 minute Docu-Drama about a 13 year old Navajo who finds her own strengths through making a documentary film about her Grandmother and their ancestral history. She imagines what it would be like to be her Great-Great-Grandmother, Yellow Woman, who lived through the Navajo Long Walk of 1864 – 1868. The re-enactments were performed by the descendants of Yellow Woman and filmed in many of the places where the historical events actually took place.

Camille Manybeads Tso (Navajo) made this film at 13 as her 8th grade project, but it soon grew into something more meaningful. Camille conducted the interviews, researched the time period, and wrote a script of re-enactments. She recruited her cousins to help her film, act, sing, make costumes, and edit. The results are a beautiful film of the power of reclaiming oral histories.

Camille learned the art of film through the Indigenous Youth media literacy collective, Outta Your Backpack Media. She has worked with OYBMedia since she was 9, and is currently the youngest youth mentor. Camille formed Halne’e (Storyteller) Productions in 2008 to save her family’s stories.

AWARDS: Dolphin (Young Filmmaker) Award – Moondance Film Festival, Best Youth Film of the Year, Best Actor, Best Script – Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival ; Special Student Recognition – Lake Arrowhead Film Festival; Most Innovative Short – Eckerd Film Festival; Best Documentary Short – Red Nation Film Festival 2009; Best Student Dramatic Short – Southeastern Native American Indian Film and Video Festival 2009; Best Student Docudrama – International Cherokee Film Festival 2009

“The Making of Yellow Woman” by Rachel Tso

This is an awesome documentary about the making of “Yellow Woman” by Camille’s mom.

Here’s some of Camille’s photos from the making of “Yellow Woman”

Christopher Worsham as the Cavalry

Lita Tso as Zonnie

Dezbah Blackgoat Palmer and Ian Tso Filiming

Filiming in front of Jenny Manybeads old hogan

Yellow Woman












Keanu McCabe as Nanabah


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