What is Rebecca Belmore “WORTH”?

Prominent Anishinabe artist Rebecca Belmore is being sued by Pari Nadimi Gallery. 


Belmore became unsatisfied with Pari Nadimi gallery after they failed to inform her of a sale made in October 2004 or to pay Belmore her share. Upon informing Pari Nadimi of her desire to withdraw from their agreement, Nadimi refused to return Belmore’s unsold artwork and commenced legal action against her.

Nadimi is claiming damages resulting from breach of contract, recovery of revenues from “potential” sales, recovery of marketing costs and other expenses, “wrongful interference with the economic relations of the plaintiff, punitive damages for Belmore’s “egregiously high-handed behaviour,” as well as further unspecified claims for a total amount of $750,000! In the agreement between Belmore and Pari Nadimi gallery there is no mention of permission being needed to terminate the relationship or guarantee of any specific profit.

Whether Belmore wins or loses this case she is facing a financially crippling situation. The cost of obtaining a lawyer and other legal expenses are huge, but the implications of this case go well beyond financial concern. If Belmore loses this case it will have an impact all artists. The legal implications would suggest that artists be held responsible for marketing expenses and be bound to a gallery until they’ve realized all “potential” profits from the artist’s inventory of work.  This situation would be extremely detrimental to the artist community and would re-shape the established artist/gallery relationship in Canada.

Rebecca Belmore’s “Worth” performance

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