Resistance and Renewal by Celia Haig-Brown


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“Resistance and Renewal Surviving the Indian Residential School” is the most in-depth look into the day to day life of students who attended the Kamloops Indian Residential School that’s ever been compiled. The majority of information in the book was compiled from interviews with thirteen elders who attended the school between 1907-1967. I appreciate that Celia proceeded about this book in a manner sensitive to the people involved, being sure to consult them and seek their approval throughout the process.


A painful topic for many, this book documents the hardships endured by the children who were torn from their families and forced into cold, unfamiliar surroundings in order to be assimilated into European culture.  The failure of the residential school system to achieve it’s objective is exemplified in the many forms of resistance carried out by the children in this book and ultimately the survival of First Nations cultures to this day. In a time when education issues surrounding our communities are coming into the forefront I feel it’s important for us to look back in order to move forward.   

Julian Maree, Dunne-za/Cree
Coordinator, Redwire Youth Media
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