Government moves ahead with controversial Site C project


The Provincial Government has approved phase 3 in it’s plan to build the Site C dam on the Peace River in North Eastern BC, despite the overwhelming public outcry. The local Chiefs boycott of the Premier’s recent “invitation only” announcement of the phase 3 approval is a clear indication of how much local support the project is receiving. Chief Roland Willson of the West Moberly First Nations has already decided to take legal action as it seems to be the only way to be heard by our Provincial Government. If not stopped this project will have a devastating impact on the Peace River Valley. Not only will there be a loss of prime farmland but thousands of years of Native history will be gone forever with the flooding of this vast tract of land.

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- This would be the third dam built on the Peace River.

- The first two dams along with their reservoirs have been environmentally disastrous to the area. Caribou migration cut-off, drowning of animals, mercury poisoned fish, and bank erosion are just a few of the negative impacts. There has never been any apology or compensation to the First Nations people who rely on this land for survival.   

-“The BC Government claims to urgently need the electricity from the proposed Site C project despite trade data from BC Stats that indicates BC is generally a net exporter of energy.  They claim Site C would be for domestic use, however, the February 2010 Throne Speech reveals their intentions to develop excess capacity for export.  Premier Campbell’s decision to proceed to Stage 3 of the proposed Site C mega-project contradicts both his own BC Agriculture Plan and BC Energy Plan.” PVEA

-The $6-billion dam will flood more than 80 kilometres of the Peace River Valley.

-“People have been misled about Site C right from the very beginning. We’ve got lots of power. This is not for residential use. It’s going to go to the Horn River and facilitate the development and extraction of oilsands.” Chief Roland Willson of the West Moberly First Nations

-“The reservoir created by Site C would emit 74,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year.” Brian Churchill

-“The dam was first considered in 1976 but was rejected twice in later years by the Social Credit government” Ian Austin, the Province

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