Aboriginal Films at the VIFF part 1 “Peace Out”

image This documentary by Charles Wilkinson deals with the daunting topic of human energy consumption; and, in particular, the impacts of resource development in Northeastern BC.

This isolated corner of the province is home to many First Nations communities including my reserve the Saulteau First Nations. I’ve witnessed first hand the devastating results of rampant and irresponsible oil & gas, forestry and hydroelectric developments in the region. This once pristine and bountiful wilderness is beginning to look like an industrial park. Seismic lines crisscross each other in every direction, wellheads billow toxic fumes into the atmosphere, there’s clear cuts as far as the eye can see and then there’s the dams, huge dams. Enough is enough; this region and its inhabitants cannot withstand such practices any longer.

Whether you like it or not the human race is on the verge of a major transition, this transition will be born out of necessity not choice. Rather than moving forward our government and industry leaders continue to support resource development at a ridiculously unsustainable and unnecessary rate. It’s as if the capitalist beast, sensing it’s own demise, is making a desperate yet devastating final stand. We must stand together in defense of the earth, if not for ourselves then for the future generations that will have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

“Peace Out” fairly presents both sides of the argument. It looks at the bigger picture of our energy addiction and offers realistic and well-educated opinions. They allow people with varying views on the subject to present what they may and contrast them against each other; thereby, allowing the viewer to develop their own outlook on the subject matter. Far to many people remain ignorant to what’s happening in this region and I strongly encourage everyone who can to check out this film. What’s happening here stands to impact the entire province. 

Julian Maree, Dunne-za/Cree
Coordinator, Redwire Youth Media
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Check out the trailer over here…
Peace Out trailer

Show times…
Tue. Oct 4, 6:00pm, Granville #5
Thu. Oct 6, 3:20pm, Granville #5

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