A Tribe Called Two Toes Tour

Red Bull fueled mania….from coast to coast!

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“Both Ryan McMahon Comedy & A Tribe Called Red are making a name for themselves as “next generation” artists, and they’re quickly becoming known for pushing the envelope, carving new paths and redefining “what Native Music and Native Comedy” is all about. Individually, each are well established in both mainstream circles and throughout Indian Country, and through the tour – A Tribe Called Two Toes looks to destroy stereotypes, redefine and re-inspire, and present and represent they’re own genre twisting, groundbreaking performance styles.”

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A Tribe Called Red headlined at the New Forms Festival last Saturday night and the Vancity hipsters went nuts. There was a small crew of us natives in the crowd but we were loving it! The only low point being when some wasted guy in a white “canada” t-shirt wouldn’t leave center stage. I can’t imagine where he got the idea that this was his time to shine. 

These guys started with Electric Pow Wow, a resident club night in downtown Ottawa. Right in the belly of the beast they started playing to sold out crowds of natives from the surrounding communities who usually stayed away from the club scene. These mass congregations of sweaty ndns inspired them to keep producing and releasing their own brand of dirty pow wow remixes. Over the past nine months they have blown out into the international electronic scene with huge support from natives and non-natives alike.

We met up with these boys after their Vancouver launch of their turtle island tour. A Tribe Called Red which consists of DJ Ndn, Dj Shub and Bear Witness, had combined forces with buddy and comedian Ryan McMahon. With dates in Edmonton (Sept 13), Regina (Sept 14), North Bay (Sept 17), Toronto (Sept 30), and ending in Kahnawake (Oct 1) they are guaranteed to get our brown people giggling and jiggling across the territories. Their secret to success being that they are hugely supportive of each other. 

Ian Campeau aka DJ Ndn started as a pow wow singer at the age of 12, 
image and although his singing career didn’t survive puberty he continued making music. After a stint drumming in punk bands, he was offered a dj gig at a night club where he was working and he hasn’t looked back. Now he deejays 5 nights a week in Ottawa and agrees that he is probably the glue that keeps the groups together handling most of the bookings and coordination.
Bear Witness brings his love of dancehall and video mixing to the group.
image He says he grew up watching a lot of 1-dimensional stereotypes of Native people on tv. His artistic process flips these images back onto themselves instilling pride back into our people. His range of ironic imagery is the perfect playful fit. His media work will be a part of three installations at this year’s Imagenative Film Festival in Toronto this Oct.
DJ Shub aka Dan General, canadian DMC champ, is the most recent
image addition. He is the beat master turning feedback from the other two into sweet, sweet electronic rhythyms that make your booty sway. He got pulled into the crew after playing a night at Electric Pow Wow. Coming from a small community of mostly non-natives, he was just blown away from the rush he got from playing for a room full of bobbing brown faces. 

some samples of their work on soundcloud

  Woodcarver by A Tribe Called Red

  I’m an NDN 2 by A Tribe Called Red

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Ryan McMahon, fearless funny man, is full-on out to get us. After hearing
image his priceless version of his own conception, and his fantasies about where he imagined he might have really come from. I doubt anyone in his life is safe from parody. He takes his unique view of Indian Country and combines in with his limitless imagination and boom! You are covering your eyes and holding your sides.

Ryan McMahon is a comedian/actor/writer that is making a name for himself as one of the most dynamic Aboriginal/Native American Comedians working in Canada and the United States today. One of the first ever Aboriginal graduates of the prestigious Second City Toronto Conservatory and armed with a degree in Theatre, McMahon mixes a traditional standup comedy sensibility with a loose improvised slacker style that all mashes together with characters, multimedia, music and hilarity. McMahon steers clear of tired, cultural stereotypes onstage, and instead, his live show combines standup, improv, and sketch comedy weaving stories and characters in an original style of comedy he calls – INDIAN VAUDEVILLE.
- ryanmcmahoncomedy.com

On Sunday night at the new W2 media space, I got to experience the full on combo of Tribe Called Two Toes with an opening by comedian Ryan McMahon. Together they created a podcast that we will be posting soon. I am pretty sure you will be able to hear my distinct laugh hooting in the background. I can fully appreciate a willingness to take risks and roll with the jokes that run flat and keep on slapping out the ones that soar. Where do comedians get their resiliency?

Laughter is a powerful medicine, and our ability to laugh at ourselves and poke fun at each other is a major part of why we have survived what we have. And this guy is not only hilarious but he’s organized! He is taking the success he has experienced from going after his dreams and he is inspiring youth to be just as determined through workshops. Check out his website to book him for your community. Ryan McMahon also hosts a podcast series “Red Man Laughing” on his website, subscribe and get your regular dose of giggles.

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