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Subject: invite to art show please forward to all contacts thank you for your help, all my relations jadeon rathgeber

On behalf of Halfmoon Studios, Down Town East Side Center For The Arts and Coghlan Arts we would like to invite you and your family to partake in wonderful celebration of arts , culture , ceremony and history . Look forward to seeing you all here.

January 19
To Honour Our Mother: Do Our Stories Lie with Farley Mowat
Matriarch and elder Ilse Schweder Bruderer Clements joins with her daughters and grandchildren to tell their stories and explore the consequences of story and historical manipulation and exploitation, with particular focus on the stories of Farley Mowat as they pertain to them. This is about setting the record straight in art and history.

January 20
Opening Night: Bruderer Fashion Show – Musical Performances
Indigenous inspired fashions by Sandra and Pat Bruderer, as well as up and coming designer, 19 year old Heather Williams. Musical performances by Tara Willard and Camillia.

January 21
Birch Bark Biting: One of the Rarest and most threatened Indigenous art forms.
Pat Bruderer is one of the last remaining practitioners of this art form, bringing it to a level of articulation never before witnessed in history. Single layers of bark are painstakingly harvested, then folded and bitten with the teeth to produce elaborate stories and patterns. Discussions about history, traditional uses, as well as participatory demonstrations.

January 22
Hereditary and Traditional Perspective: Conversations on issues of the day
Come listen and participate in conversation with traditional peoples and spiritual leaders about the issues facing us all.

January 23
She Keeps The Door – Sandra Bruderer & Splitting The Sky with John Boncore
In Conversation
This dynamic couple will be presenting their views and current work, including Splitting the Sky’s upcoming historic court case pertaining to the war crimes of George W. Bush, as well as readings from their book.

January 27
Make it Real: Authenticating and protecting indigenous art forms
Conversations with people involved in the indigenous arts movement discussing the recognition, authenticating, and support of First Nations arts and crafts. Panelists include Pat Bruderer, who as worked on this issue for years, and guest keynote presenters working on behalf of Norval Morrisseau, including: Gabe Vadas (Weekan) who was Norvals agent for 20 years; Bryant Ross of Coghlan Art who continues to represent Norval for over 20 years; and Mark Anthony Jacobson.

January 28
Food, Clothing, Shelter, Youth, Art
What does our future look like? Conversations surrounding our collective future, with particular focus on the necessities of life and the plight of today’s youth, finding our way back to a meaningful existence. Jadeon Rathgeber will discuss his experiences and perspective from his own life, and will be joined by Thom Evans with analysis of the big picture.

January 29
Five Ring Circus: The Olympics portraying a false image of indigenous reality
Conversations exploring false images in promotion and culture, with particular focus on the Olympics and the realities facing indigenous peoples

January 30
Includes art by Mark Anthony Jacobson, Pat Amos, Jadeon Rathgerber, Cyrile Derrick

All events take place at the InterUrban Gallery at One East Hastings at 7:30

We are also looking for billets and traditional food donations. any help would be greatly appreciated

For more information, please contact the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts and Dalannah Gail Bowen at 604-689-2787 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Jadeon Rathgeber at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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